7 Days To Better Traffic Using Proper SEO Techniques

It has been stated many times that search engine optimization takes a lot of time to invest into. You may find yourself chasing this for many months before you start to see any sort of change on your site. Millions of websites today are chasing the traffic as if they can do it overnight, and that’s not really something that you can really do. However, you may find that you can increase your traffic within 7 days, if you did something that others aren’t really doing. Instead of focusing on so many different elements of your page, consider doing something good for a change, something that helps the end user. This is especially helpful for those that have blogs on their page. If you have a blog site set up and you want to get ranked higher and indexed faster, consider the following scenario over the course of 7 days and see how impressive your seo impact will in fact become.

Create 7 Days of Blog Posts or Content Updates:

You don’t have to build all  this on your own, ask for help if you need it. The key here is to create a lot of different posts that you will be posting within the span of the next 7 days. 7 complete, good pieces of content will be needed and you will need to schedule them for the days to come. Don’t create and publish straightway, take your time and focus on creating content that you are going to publish at a later time. If you just create and post you will never truly get the effect that you want. Once you have 7 days, wait for the beginning of the week and then set up all 7 for the next week to post automatically or post them manually.

Submit The Links To Social Network:

The next thing that you need to do is submit your links to your social media website, but do not delete the long form URL. Keep that alongside any embedding that the site does, then add tags to it. Create keyword tags and link them to relevant areas of your network. If you do this correctly, you will not only get your posts in front of your social media audience, but you will get indexed much faster. Do this for 7 straight days and make sure that you also post subsequently to build your main page overall. Do not just post and run, stay a while and comment on things, share others, and interact with your friends and family on these pages for maximum market share.

Comment on Blogs Related To Your Topic:

This should be done with care. Do not just post across hundreds of websites, focus on blogs related to your niche. Create micro niches if need be and find the latest posts via search engines. Only post on blogs that have been published within the last 12 to 24 hours. Those are the posts that will not have a lot of comments straightway. Do this on a daily basis and leave 1 to 2 comments on these pages overall.

Ping Your Pages:

Make sure that you ping your blog to the appropriate areas. There’s a few pinging services that you can utilize. Don’t overdo it here, just do it once and find a reputable site to do it with. Make sure that you’re focused on content and not just pinging, and do this after you’ve posted within 5 hours of doing so. If you do this correctly, your indexing will rise and you’ll gain leverage within search engines, guaranteed.

Do the above things for 7 days, and see how your site will increase. Do it for 14 days, 28 days, or months on end and your site will be a powerhouse.

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